Supro Keeley Custom Amp


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All Tube – Class A 6V6 design

Effects Loop and Master Volume

Custom 10′ Speaker

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Supro – Keeley

Designed in collaboration with Keeley Electronics,
the Supro Keeley Custom Amp is built to integrate
your pedals into the heart of an all-tube Supro
amplifier. The preamp and 2-band EQ section are
voiced perfectly for running your gain pedals in
front of the amp, while still maintaining Supro’s
signature midrange girth and phenomenal touch

A transparent effects loop has been worked
into the design, providing the ideal point to
inject your delay and reverb stompboxes into
the amplifier’s all-tube signal path. A master
volume circuit allows you to control the sound
pressure level coming from the speaker, while
pouring on copious amounts of gain from the
12AX7-based tube preamp or your favorite
dirt pedals.

The Supro Keeley Custom Amp is an all-tube design
that is hand-assembled and tested by musicians
in Port Jefferson, NY, USA. With a combined
feature set that can accommodate virtually
any stompbox-based setup, this unique Supro
combo is the perfect canvas for your art. This
versatile pedal platform is not only what Keeley
designs on, it’s built with the iconic tone of a
Supro amplifier.

Discover the Legend of Supro

Keeley Custom Supro AmplifierKeeley Custom Supro AmplifierSupro Keeley Custom AmplifierSupro Keeley Custom Amp

Keeley Electronics Demo

Mike Hermans Demo


The Supro Keeley Magick

As last year’s California NAMM drew to a close, the Supro-Keeley was conceived,  Working with David Koltai has been amazing to say the least.  His excitement for tone and his group of impassioned designers and engineers was the perfect environment to develop a pedal platform amp.  I wanted something that was natural in response and boldly tube driven.  I wanted to hear what the pedals were doing.  It had to have a transparent effects loop, blending in delays, reverbs, modulations after any pre-amp stage gain.  The input stage had to be at home with fuzzes, a string of boosts, or any other combination of pedals that could produce huge walls sound.  You had to be able to throw any pedal in front of it, and hear exactly what I had created.  It had to make my pedals sound even better.  We did it.  It has the Magick.  The Supro Keeley Custom Amp is where amp and pedals combine to create the perfect bed of tone for your electric guitar.

Some FAQs:

What if I change tubes? This amplifier is auto-biasing. Very simply choose closely matched tubes and the hum from the amplifier will be at its lowest. Yes, you can use 6L6 tubes for a couple watts more.
What about an external speaker connection? You can connect another 8 ohm cabinet or speaker to the Transfer Jack on the back. It will automatically put the two speakers in parallel and changes the transformer tap to 4 ohms for an even greater bass response! If you want to use only your 8 ohm speaker, then unplug the stock speaker and connect to the Speaker Jack.

FREE US SHIP. However if you’d like to own this amp and you live outside the U.S., email me and I’ll get you a direct cost shipping rate to your home or studio. rk

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 489 × 241 × 356 mm

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