XIX Anniversary – ECCOS Delay Looper


Begins Shipping 09-17-2020

XIX Anniversary Black Edition

Limited to 100

Flanged Delay + Smart Looper


XIX Anniversary – Keeley ECCOS Delay Looper

Our XIX Anniversary Pedals are now available, and will begin shipping September 17, 2020. Due to the current COVID situation, please allow us some extra time to safely build, test, and package these pedals. Your patience is greatly appreciated!

We are thrilled to be celebrating our 19th Anniversary, and to commemorate this event we’re proud to announce three new offerings!

Introducing the XIX Anniversary ECCOS Delay / Looper, available for the first time in a black “reverse” colorway.

Limited to 100 units.



The true-stereo Keeley ECCOS artfully combines a delay pedal and a looper. At the heart of the ECCOS is a neo-vintage delay with unprecedented control over tape-style echoes. Create long and majestic sounding tape flanged delay lines and then switch to the feature-packed Looper to record endless layers of sound! Dual stomp switches in delay mode are for true-bypass, tap-tempo and even endless feedback – but in looper mode they allow you to record, play, reverse, half-speed and even trigger a “play-once”. Live or as a studio workstation the delay and looper work together giving you endless room for creating and experimenting in a small footprint. With over four years of development on the Quad 24/56-bit Dream DSP, Keeley has reached the pinnacle of delay sound quality with the amazing new tones in the ECCOS.


The ECCOS now features Sound on Sound Mode! Sound on sound mode lets you record without erasing the original loop. The volume of the loops degrade over time, recreating a vintage reel to reel recording technique. To set the decay of the loops, hold down the FDBK knob and adjust the Depth control. This alt control comes in handy when using Sound on Sound Mode.


The ECCOS features advanced independent switching. The Delay or the Looper can be turned on and off independently. You can start the Looper without without a Delay Setting.


View, download, and print the NEW, updated ECCOS manual here:

ECCOS Manual 05-26-2020


ECCOS Features:

  • ECCOS is a True Stereo Delay and Looper
  • Studio quality delay with tape flanged modulation
  • Features include 3 memory presets, subdivisions, trails, runaway feedback
  • Huge array of tone and time-based controls with the Alt Hold feature
  • Full-featured Looper with reverse and half-speed loop effects
  • 2 minutes of looping in mono, 60 seconds in stereo,
  • Endless layers of recording!
  • True-Bypass and Tap Tempo on-board or remotely with any style pedal-switcher
  • Expression pedal assignment over any parameter and in any direction
  • Pro Rig designed, remote control thru 1/4″ jacks for live use with pedal switcher systems
  • 100% analog dry signal, audiophile designed input to output
  • Stereo True-Bypass/Trails, switchable on the fly
  • 9 Volt DC, 115mA low-current design
  • Made in Edmond, USA


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Behind the Scenes!


After 4 years of development, a brand new effect sound, flanged delay, new hardware, new analog circuits, new digital control circuits, we were finally building our masterpiece.  The Eccos Delay Looper.

Here’s what’s going on; flurry of last minute 3-pointers, all kinds of awesome improvements on tiny details.  Ours blows away the competition!

Hale bros perfecting the placement of our new Dream DSP IC.

Stretching the pitch of the outlined package during SMT setup.

Success! First run is making circuit boards!

Hundreds of ECCOS cases!

Aaron Tackett programming the first ECCOS going out to YouTube channels, artists, and magazines.

Robert, Aaron, and Charley down below, all enjoying the tone of the ECCOS to the fullest.