LIMITED RUN! Ibanez TS-9 30th Anniversary Pedals

Very few pedals have achieved the life span, and popularity, of the Ibanez TS9. To celebrate it’s 30th anniversary Ibanez is offering a limited run of “greened out” TS9s. Here at Keeley, it’s no secret that we have a very intimate relationship with this legendary product and we felt the need to give it a little attention. We have modified a limited run of 14 (11 remaining as of today 5-3-2012) of these beautiful pedals with our Keeley Plus mod and outfitted them with an all new silent true bypassing system. These are fully true bypassed but have no holes drilled and still retain the original foot switch. The switching system is really very impressive, and provides both a genuine, and tonally pure bypass mode as well as completely silent “clicking”. You can purchase them, while supplies last on our website, here.