Seafoam Chorus – Keeley’s First Chorus – Smash Hit!

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Keeley Seafoam Chorus – So Many Fantastic Colors


New from Keeley Electronics is the Seafoam Chorus pedal.  Housed in a small footprint design and resplendently painted in, you guessed it, seafoam green, this true-bypass pedal is a very versatile effect that can do a lot of things well, from a subtle to a shimmering chorus, to a heavy warble vibrato.   It’s a pretty easy to use pedal with four knobs, Rate, Depth, Blend and Tone.  Rate controls the speed of the effect while Tone allows you to vary the overall sound from mellow to a brighter shimmer. The Blend control is really unique in that it allows the player to dial in the relationship of vibe vs. pure chorus.   According to Keeley Electronics, the Seafoam Chorus uses an opto-coupler to control the depth, making for a very smooth and rich dive into the level of effect.

We were very pleased with the range of different tones this pedal produced, using both a Strat and a Les Paul through both a clean Fender Vibrolux Reverb and a 50 watt Marshall.  Particularly surprising was the ability of the Seafoam to provide some chime to the Les Paul through the Marshall, when the guitar’s volume control was turned slightly down.  This would be very useful for a Gibson player that needs to produce some clean and vibey tones without having to switch guitars.

The Seafoam Chorus treated the Stratocaster even better, helping to thicken up the guitar’s otherwise thin sounding tone when played on a clean setting.  One neat effect unique to the Seafoam Chorus occurred when turning the Blend control all the way down, which provides a sort of split second time delay, an effect that we haven’t heard anywhere else but very mood invoking and cool.

When used with distortion, the Strat / Seafoam Chorus , Marshall combination was able to invoke the classic tones of Jimi Hendrix and Robin Trower.  This setup filled the entire room with swirling sound, ranging from a Leslie like chorus to a mind bending pitch shift effect.  Though not consciously designed to replace a vibe unit and flanger, the Seafoam Chorus successfully brings many of the best attributes of these pedals into one unit.

A major breakthrough of the digital Seafoam Chorus is the low noise circuitry that is almost always found in analog chorus units.   Even when engaged in the high gain Marshall amp, the Seafoam Chorus provided next to zero additional background noise, a welcome change.

All Keeley Electronics pedals are made in Edmond, OK, USA.