Channel the Chime: California Girls 12 String Simulator

Hear the jingle and shimmer of California Girls with effortless ease. The Beach Boys – California Girls 12 String Simulator reproduces the iconic sound of double twelve-string guitars.  Plug in your standard six-string and unlock a world of lush chorusing octaves and subtle delay, the effects that are the secret ingredients needed to simulate a twelve-string sparkle.

Sculpted Body and Tone:

Achieve the unmistakable twelve-string chime with a blend of chorus, octave effects, and a touch of slapback echo.

  • Blend: Find the perfect balance between your dry signal and the wet effect, for a subtle shimmer or a full-bodied octave jangle.
  • Chorus: Dial in the desired “chorus” effect, controlling the depth of your twelve-string simulation for a more or less pronounced effect.
  • Rate: Slow and sultry or fast and edgy, dial in the perfect chorus rate. 
  • Echo Toggle: Simulate the natural string interaction of a twelve-string with a subtle, short slapback echo.
  • X2: Stomp switch for instant 12-string simulator. Deactivate X2 and the blue amp jewel will dim indicating a rich stand-alone chorus sound.
  • Echo Level: This alt-feature gives you control of the volume for the slapback echo.
  • Octave Tone: Alt-feature tone control for the octave effect, dialing in the perfect brightness or warmth.

Stereo Everywhere: This pedal boasts stereo ins and outs, allowing you to create lush, expansive soundscapes with any rig.
Seamless Integration: Choose between true or buffered bypass for maintaining pristine tone in complex pedal chains.
Beyond the Beach: The California Girls 12 String Simulator isn’t just for achieving that classic Beach Boys sound. It’s a versatile tool for any guitarist:

  • Lush Chorus Sounds: Create beautiful, shimmering chorus effects for rhythm and lead parts.
  • Octave Effect for Leads: Add a thick and punchy octave layer to your leads for a powerful and cutting tone.
  • Bass Guitar Magic: Transform your bass sound with a full and unique octave effect, perfect for adding depth and low-end power.

Create 12 string sounds like Brian & Carl’s with the California Girls Twelve String Simulator.

Instruction Manual

View, download, and print high resolution instructions here.


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Robert Keeley, Josh Scott, and Chris Benson.


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