Dial in Those Good Vibrations: I Get Around Rotary Simulator

Channel the psychedelic era with the I Get Around Rotary Simulator pedal.  Rotary speaker cabinets were part of the legendary sound effects used by The Beach Boys. This pedal faithfully recreates the swirling textures and vintage warmth of iconic rotary speaker cabinets. Good vibrations from a pedal much smaller than a speaker cabinet!

Syrupy Swirl & Tube Breakup: Achieve that classic rotary sound with a rich, “chorusy” effect and a tube-like overdrive, reminiscent of those era-defining guitar tones!

Sculpt Your Sound:

  • Blend: Find the perfect mix between dry and wet signals for a subtle warble or a full-on sonic whirlpool.
  • Drive: Dial in a touch of gritty overdrive to add depth and character to your tone!
  • Mids Boost: Push your mids for a cutting lead sound that sits perfectly in the mix!

Rotary in Motion:

  • Dual Speed: Choose between two distinct rotation speeds for classic slow warble or a more dramatic, fast chorus effect.
  • Brake: Instantly slow down the rotation for a cool “stopping” effect, adding a dynamic touch to your playing.
  • Adjustable Ramp: Control the speed transition between slow and fast for smooth or dramatic soundscapes.
  • Large Speed Knob: Easily control the rotation speed for intuitive adjustments on the fly!
Seamless Integration: with the Beach Boys – I Get Around Rotary Simulator
  • Light Show: Set the mood with the optional pulsing LED that reacts to the rotary effect, adding a touch of visual flair to your performance.exclamation
  • Stereo Everywhere: This pedal boasts stereo ins and outs, allowing you to create lush, expansive soundscapes that perfectly complement modern rigs.
  • True Bypass or Buffered Bypass: Choose between transparent signal switching or a buffered bypass for maintaining pristine tone in complex pedal chains!

Get ready to take your sound on a trip –  The Beach Boys – I Get Around Rotary Simulator is your ticket to classic sonic textures and endless creative possibilities.

Instruction Manual

View, download, and print high resolution instructions here.


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Robert Keeley, Josh Scott, and Chris Benson.


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